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Self-hosted Retool 3.41 Edge release notes

Retool Helm chart minimum required version

If you're using the Retool Helm chart, the minimum required chart version is 6.1.0.


Self-hosted Retool 3.41.0-edge was released on .


  • Added an error message if audit logs cannot be fetched. (#42329)
  • Added the isDraggable parameter to SortListItem(). (#42372)
  • Added support for Base64-encoded data: URIs to utils.playSound in mobile apps.
  • Added the Ask AI assistant in workflow functions and loop blocks.
  • Added support for split panes.
  • Added the /configuration_variables endpoint to the Retool API.
  • Added the option to download audit logs.
  • Added support for grouped styles of nested components.


  • Fixed an issue with setGrouping() for the Table component.
  • Fixed an issue where Intercom settings would be included in the response when updating an organization's theme.
  • Fixed an issue with the appearance of the Editable Number component.
  • Fixed an issue where the updated_at field would appear when comparing app versions.
  • Fixed an issue with a race condition when using Retool AI.
  • Fixed an issue where resource icons may not appear.
  • Fixed an issue with grouping components in header areas and list views.
  • Fixed an issue where moduleContainer could be renamed.
  • Fixed an issue where input styles may not be correctly overridden.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to use more than 255 characters for an app name or description may cause a 500 error.
  • Fixed an issue with styling of the autocomplete tooltip in workflow blocks.
  • Fixed an issue where table changes were incorrect when using non-primitive primary key columns.
  • Fixed an issue with importing the latest version of protected queries. (#41980)


  • Improved handling of sensitive values in the Retool API.
  • Improved Snowflake stream consumption.


  • Fixed an issue that caused sensitive resource information to be returned to authenticated users on some page loads.
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.