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Self-hosted Retool 3.50 Edge release notes


Self-hosted Retool 3.50.0-edge was released on .


  • Added support for using web apps as 404 and 403 error pages (#44146)
  • Added support for the gemini-1.5-pro-latest AI model (#43423).
  • Added aria-label support to Button, Dropdown Button, and Toggle Button components for improved accessibility. (#44196)
  • Added a privacy screen option in Mobile Advanced Settings to enhance security when a mobile app goes to the background. (#44167)
  • Added support for the JIT_ENABLED environment variable, with organizational settings taking precedence. (#44211)
  • Added font size control dropdown for Button component with options from the theme. (#44116)
  • Added biometrics timeout support for user verification. (#44070)
  • Added support for HTTPS connections in the code-executor service for main and workflows backend. (#43820)
  • Added a reset button to individual style controls for overriding theme editor changes. (#43999)


  • Fixed an issue with Databricks schema query. (#44192)
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to use an unsupported timezone issue in MySQL. (#44204)
  • Fixed an issue where mobile apps may crash under certain conditions. (#44267)
  • Fixed an issue with the alignment of style inputs in the inspector to avoid layout shifts when focused. (#44212)
  • Fixed and issue with workflow webhook returns when multiple editors are open. (#44185)
  • Fixed an issue where resetInstanceValues improperly reset all changes on nested list views instead of targeting the specific instance. (#44114)
  • Fixed an issue that would result in a 500 error with OAuthCallback under certain conditions. (#44010)
  • Fixed an issue where location pin SVGs would not load on iOS when using the mobile Map component. (#43991)


  • Upgraded MySQL to 3.9.7. (#44201)
  • Improved JDBC performance. (#44262)
  • Improved accessibility of Table toolbar items by setting proper attributes and focusing popover content. (#44248)
  • Improved the visual presentation of GraphQL key-value pairs. (#44241)
  • Improved app rendering performance and reliability. (#44193)
  • Improved accessibility of the Table component to ensure correct roles are used. (#43919)
  • Improved the Code editor user interface. (#43956)
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.