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Self-hosted Retool 3.54 Edge release notes


Self-hosted Retool 3.54.0-edge was released on .


  • Added an error message for custom components when their relevant libraries are deleted. (#44669)
  • Added an option to the Microphone component for mobile apps to upload files to Retool storage. (#44624)
  • Added draggable preview to components in the IDE. (#44753)
  • Added support for displaying a custom logo in the resource authorization dialog. (#44731)
  • Added support for dragging and copying a component by holding the Alt key. (#44733)


  • Fixed an issue allowing redemption of magic links with emails containing special characters. (#44791)
  • Fixed an issue where Alt + drag did not duplicate components. (#44622)
  • Fixed an issue where creating an embed user without an email caused a server error. (#44780)
  • Fixed an issue where setting the value to '' on the Signature Pad would not clear its content. (#44580)
  • Fixed an issue where the Rename Folder option was incorrectly enabled for ancestor folders of protected apps. (#44821)
  • Fixed an issue where the evaluation drop-down appeared on the settings page in the theme editors despite allowDynamic being false. (#44683)
  • Fixed an issue where the failed passwordless email template is now controlled by the passwordless Retool event template. (#44789)
  • Fixed an issue where the mobile-only user disclaimer appeared in the share modal for desktop apps. (#44886)
  • Fixed an issue in the theme editor that caused errors when selecting 9 or more components. (#44815)
  • Fixed an issue where an app fails to load any custom component libraries if a referenced library has been deleted. (#44831)
  • Fixed an issue where custom font URL wasn't being imported in the theme editor preview, allowing users to see changes. (#44846)
  • Fixed an issue where header did not respect canvas maximum width. (#44810)
  • Fixed an issue with folder deletion by removing redundant screen checks for app-code plugins in Retool. (#44875)
  • Fixed an issue with Table component where checking the Expand By Default option would disable grouping. (#44830)
  • Fixed an issue where Debug Tools may crash when displaying a query error under certain conditions. (#44838)
  • Fixed the issue where protected resources appeared as "unmerged" due to a mismatch between local sourceControlUuid and elementUuid. (#44644)


  • Improved the definition of a "tabbed container" to any container with multiple views, allowing for Tabs components to be nested or external to the container. (#44807)
  • Improved performance of the code editor when browsing large MySQL schemas. (#44872)
  • Improved color pickers to correctly display selection state for theme colors in template strings. (#44806)
  • Improved passwordless login email templates. (#44790)
  • Improved support for configuring widthType in the stackPosition object across all components. (#44735)
  • Improved the evaluation popover width in the new KeyValueEditor to match the width of the editor itself. (#44688)
  • Improved the Apps page performance and layout by hiding Updated and Editor columns on smaller screens. (#44667)
  • Improved the SSO test connection page to display SAML error messages instead of redirecting to the login page. (#44530)


  • Changed Retool events and user actions display based on passwordless login settings for organizations. (#44787)
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.