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Migrate Amazon Honeycode app data to Retool

· 3 min read

Amazon Honeycode will no longer be available after Feb 29, 2024. You can use the Retool CLI to migrate your Honeycode app data in just a few minutes.

1. Install the Retool CLI


The Retool CLI requires Node.js and npm.

Install the Retool CLI using npm:

Install the Retool CLI
npm install -g retool-cli

Once installed, use retool to invoke the CLI.

2. Sign up and log in to Retool

If you're not yet using Retool, sign up using by using either:

When you sign up for Retool, you create or join an organization. If your business already uses Retool, you can also request an invitation from your Retool admin.

Use retool login to sign and authenticate with your Retool organization. You can sign in with a Google account or provide your Retool email address and password.

3. Export Honeycode app data

Log in to the Honeycode Dashboard and select My Apps. For each app you wish to export, click the button and select Export data. A ZIP file will download that contains app data in CSV format, along with any relevant assets.

Once downloaded, extract the ZIP file and navigate to the directory containing the CSV files.

4. Migrate Honeycode app data and generate a new app

The Retool CLI can import Honeycode app data into Retool Database and generate (scafford) starter apps that reference the migrated data. Use the retool scaffold command with the ---from-csv flag and specify each CSV from the exported data. Include the --no-workflow flag to prevent the CLI from interpreting any CSV data as workflows. For example:

Scaffold an app
retool scaffold --from-csv InlineTable2.csv Model.csv Version.csv --no-workflow

Once scaffolding is complete, the CLI displays a summary of generated database tables and apps. Use the View in browser URL to view the migrated data or app.

Migration completed
Successfully created a table named Assets in RetoolDB. 🎉
View in browser:

Successfully created an App. 🎉
View in browser:

Successfully created a table named InlineTable2 in RetoolDB. 🎉
View in browser:

Successfully created an App. 🎉
View in browser:

Wrap up

You have now migrated Amazon Honeycode app data into Retool. The starter apps reference the data that's now in Retool Database. These apps serve as a starting point for building highly polished and performant apps on Retool.

Check out Retool's documentation to learn more about building web apps using your data.